We are all EQUALS

#REHACARE. Funwear is an polish, adaptive clothing fashion brand, which was created and is developed by parents of a boy with disability. Our solutions are based on the experience of everyday life, which every disabled family faces.

About Us

We are making life easier for people with disabilities and their carers functionality is second name of our clothes.

This is funwear equality that’s our main goal.
Everybody can look cool.

We are a family company.

We draw ideas from our life experience.

We all participate in creating ideas for clothes (all four :))

We prepare graphic designs based on the work of our children and
ourselves. The graphics on the "Matilda" sweatshirt are the work of our
daughter, the „Jellyfish” is Filip’s picture, the flowers are the work of Doris.
For me (Luke) it remains color matching.

As producers of the clothes that we offer. We create all cuts from design to
execution, ensuring the quality of each stage of production.

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Kinezycare Dorota Wysocka realizuje Projekt dofinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego pod tytułem

„Udział jako wystawca w międzynarodowych targach rehabilitacji i pielęgnacji REHACARE w Dusseldorfie w dniach 13-16.09.2023r."